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How do you Get the Best Value from Your Accountant

Paying an accountant to handle all of your financial reporting can be expensive, but if you have several different sources and deductions or if you own a small business, it can be worth it.  Accountants know many little tricks to saving you money that you might not, plus they understand the tax codes and the paperwork that has to be filed.  If you’re still not certain about the expense, here are some ways you can get the best value from your accountant.


How well are you managing your Business Cashflow ?

Managing your business’s cash flow is one of, if not the, most important task you must do.  This delicate balancing act can be difficult and stressful — you have to make certain you have the money needed to run your company, pay your vendors, and pay your employees, but you don’t always collect money from your customers right away.  A good business owner will be able to prioritize what needs to be paid while holding out for income.  If you’re uncertain if you’re managing your cash flow well, here are a few tips.


Fortuna ABA – the best place for Start-up Businesses

The world has had an enormous shift from what it was a decade ago to what it had set for itself to be; and yet in the rat race, this desire of human civilization seems to be ever growing and insatiable.  Be it in the world of technology or commerce; business or society, the pace of development is quite certainly leaving the human civilization behind. Does it scare you of becoming obsolete? Or are you one of those, who constantly strive to keep up with the changing times?