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Business set-up and structure

Australia is a land of opportunities with hundreds of businesses setting-up across the country every day. Our advisors do their research thoroughly and then advise you on the best structure from operations and tax efficiency standpoints.

Buying & Selling a Business

To associate a dollar value to your business at the time of selling or help you quote a value at the time of buying a new business, Fortuna ABA are here to maximise benefit to you. We also help in the preparation of necessary documents and get the deal done for you.

Succession & Estate Planning

In order to ensure consistency and success of your business in the long run, it is important to establish a succession plan. With years of experience, we can help you address this issue in an appropriate manner and guide you towards establishing a plan which will grow beyond a lifetime.

International Business

Whether you are a foreign national wanting to set up a new company in Australia or a foreign company wanting to set up a subsidiary here, think of us as the Gateway because we not only advise you on the various options available but also guide you through set up. With the help of our strong industry connections, we walk you through all the legalities involved in a simple and constructive manner. As agents, we partner your success.