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Fortuna Tax & Compliance Services

The penalties of not complying with statutory requirements, whether for individuals, companies, trusts or any other legal entity can be costly. At Fortuna ABA, we take this issue very seriously and help you to make all necessary lodgements in time. This involves not only preparing your accounts but also keeping a tab on when liabilities fall due.

Tax Return


Whether you are in business or salaried, filing tax return is a statutory obligation that you must comply with. At Fortuna ABA, we spend time to go through your income, analyse your deductions and offsets and work towards the optimum return possible.


Whether you are a foreign national coming to Australia or an Australian national going overseas, investing in Australia or investing overseas, you cannot ignore this area of taxation. It is a complex arena governed by various rules, procedures and legal compliances. We, at Fortuna help you determine whether you are liable for tax here in Australia and assess as to what extent you are liable, besides guiding you about the related offsets.

Other Statutory Compliances

GST Management

A 10% Goods & Services Tax (GST) is levied on most goods and services across Australia. As a business owner who is registered for GST, you bear the onus of reporting and remitting this amount to the ATO. At Fortuna ABA, we not only keep updated on related changes, but advise you whether to register for GST and also help in preparation and lodgement of Business Activity Statements (BAS).

Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC)

With your company come responsibilities and timely compliances, renewals of licenses and other legal obligations. Fortuna ABA keeps a tab on these dates and helps you meet these obligations in time. We lodge all necessary forms and submissions on behalf of our corporate clients and keep you aware of notices and updates from ASIC.