Financial Planning

Superannuation Advice

Your superannuation is your coveted retirement nest egg, and its importance cannot be overemphasised. Regardless of age, we all want a sustainable and comfortable lifestyle come retirement. However, many people find the obligations, rules and available options hard to understand and often very confusing.

At Fortuna, our advisors and financial planners can help you find your way around the complexities of superannuation compliance. We work together to chart a path forward and walk with you to ensure you meet your obligations, achieve your goals and see your dreams become a reality as you venture into your retirement.

Budgeting & Cashflow

Budgeting & Cashflow

A realistic budget can help set clear goals, is an integral part of a detailed business plan and can give you more control in steering your businesses' trajectory. Adding exemplary and consistent cashflow management systems ensures you are always able to meet your business needs and keep your doors open while others close. However, it is easier said than done. Many businesses face challenges setting feasible & clear budgets and struggle with cashflow issues.

At Fortuna, we create comprehensive budgets, tailor our services to your business and use modelling software's to develop clear and succinct pictures of your cashflows. We achieve this by getting to know your business and providing ongoing support & advice throughout the process.

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Death, injury, accidents and illness come uninvited and often unexpectedly. The impacts thereof can be felt through lost income, damaged or ruined assets, and in the worst of cases, lost loved ones. Having an insurance policy can help mitigate the adverse effects experienced when we go through an unexpected loss and can help create a financial buffer help sustain your finances during difficult times.

Fortuna can help you navigate the complicated insurance landscape and through an assessment of your needs, present a selection of policies most suit where you are in life today.

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Investment Advice

Are you looking to invest but not sure where to start? Do you already have an investment portfolio and are looking for ways to further increase your wealth?

With an experienced team of financial planners, we offer a range of investment options from high-interest bank accounts to more complex share arrangements held abroad. Tactical and deliberate; we walk through your objectives, set appropriate timescales, help you apportion your investment funds, consider acceptable levels of risk and monitor the position of your investments over time.

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Retirement Planning

To be financially secure upon retirement, one must start planning as soon as possible. At Fortuna, we realize that retirement and estate planning is a sensitive and complex area of financial planning - one where our skilled advisors are well experienced.

Our approach is interactive and engaging. We look to understand your retirement objectives and use financial modelling to calculate how much you need to save to achieve your goals in the future.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Financial Planning

Bespoke to your personality, financial position and goals; our Strategic Financial Plans tailor to your definition of success. Through meetings and various interactions, we look to build a relationship and become your financial partner.

As part of the planning process, we take into consideration your lifestyle, income, family, future and of course, your attitude towards risk. Through this process, we outline a step-by-step method that you can take to reach your goals.