Retirement Planning Perth

Looking further ahead in life is critical for financial planning and for anyone planning to be financially secure when they retire. It’s also more involved than simply writing a will. It’s about the preservation of your wealth in those years where you may not choose to work as much. It’s also about the management of your accumulated wealth after you’re gone.

At Fortuna, we realise that retirement and estate planning is a sensitive and complex area of financial planning and one where our skilled advisors are well versed.


The aim is to structure your financial portfolio to maximise benefits and entitlements in your retirement. We use financial modelling to calculate how much money you need to put away today to fund your retirement. If you have plans in mind, we also work out how long your money is going to last and use our projections and expertise to advise you accordingly.

As part of planning for the future, we review current self-manged or managed superannuation fund savings and any commitments you will have upon retirement. Our experts seek to understand what your financial objectives for retirement are and assess all options to provide you with a tailored plan that meets your requirements.

We take great care to ensure you understand all the choices available, so when it’s time to make lifelong decisions, you can do so confidently. We support you at every stage and carry out annual reviews of your retirement plan to ensure you’re staying on track.

Estate Planning

Continuation of your accumulated wealth is essential. It’s wonderful to be able to decide whom you want to benefit from your wealth and when. However, it’s also best to understand any tax implications for the beneficiaries as well.

With our in-house legal division, we ensure that the structure and ownership of your assets work for you and result in the efficient transfer of assets to the named beneficiaries. We do this in a way to minimise taxes due to be paid, hence preserving your wealth as far as possible.

Regardless of your age, find out how you can start planning for your retirement, Contact Us Today!