Insurance Perth

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Taking out insurance policies is an essential element of any financial and wealth management plan. Throughout our lives, we should have different protections in place against the costs of unforeseeable events. Illness, accidents, death, and disability are not pleasant occurrences to consider, and at Fortuna, we handle these discussions with deep sensitivity.

We are mindful of how complex the insurance landscape can seem. Insurance contracts come with a great deal of small print, so we comb through the details to ensure you understand what your insurances are for and how they work.

Our team can arrange to have a chat with you to assess your insurance needs. After that, we present a selection of policies most suited to you. After this comes the filling in of forms. We know what information is required and compile that information for you as well.

What type of insurance do I need?

To further confuse matters, there are many different types of insurances on the market. You may wonder if you have life insurance then do you still need disability insurance? Our Fortuna teams are well placed to help you understand your risks.

The insurance decisions you make should be based on information from your age & number of children to your general health status and employment stability. Moreover, there’s home insurance and motor vehicle insurance to consider, as well.

Should I take out all my insurance policies with one company?

Our team of experts will find insurance policies that provide the cover you need. We have been operating in this sector for nearly a decade and have extensive product knowledge. You could have all your policies with one company but what is certain is that no ‘one size fits all’ and knowing this, we tailor all of our advice and gear our service provision towards you and your situation.

Fortuna offers a range of advisory services to make your life easier. Learn more about complementary services such as Retirement Planning and Self Managed Super Fund Management.

Enjoy peace of mind, talk to us about Insurance today.