Budgeting & Cashflow

Take the mystery out of your finances. Feel more in control. Make confident decisions about your finances. How can you achieve all this? By creating a budget. After all, what gets measured gets achieved.

Do I need a budget?

A budget is simply a plan for your money. Following a budget allows you to manage your finances and to work towards your future financial goals. It means you will have enough money to pay your bills, to save and to use for things you want to buy.

We have found that often our clients are in the dark about their day to day finances. They feel stuck and unable to move forward, save or plan. At Fortuna, we can show you that there is little to fear but that the devil is in the detail.

Creating your budget

Using our modelling software, we can create a crisp picture of your cash flows. To do this, we use recent bank statements as there is no better place to begin designing a budget than with actual data. Our Fortuna experts work together with you to build the complete picture of your finances.

We discuss your financial goals and what you’d like to do with any surplus income. We can then create a budget which allows you to meet these goals. Setting a budget means you can prioritise your spending. It’s a way of focussing on achieving those financial goals.

To the future

It is essential to monitor your spending compared to the budget. On many occasions, once clients have a greater understanding of their spending habits, they feel in control of their finances for the first time. This feeling of power can be life-changing and tends to spill over into many other areas of their t’s life.

Feel empowered today, chat to us about how we can help improve your cash flows today.