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International Tax

Whether you are a foreign investor expecting to establish a business, an Australian subsidiary or an Australian company looking to grow by expanding overseas, you can be sure that challenges will await you along the way.

You will likely have to circumnavigate a maze of different tax laws, anti-avoidance laws, thin capitalisation, double tax treaties, transfer pricing issues and compliance matters, for which penalties for non-compliance could sometimes be quite considerable. With all these risks considered, an efficient structure would go a long way towards ensuring international success.

Entering foreign markets can especially be risky but resolving international tax issues pre-expansion can alleviate risks and present excellent financial benefits in the long term. The benefits can range from reduced taxes & avoiding penalties to saving time & efficiently allocating resources when establishing subsidiaries.

Even as an individual, your tax residency could imply application of different tax rules. This would include expats working in Australia or Australians working as expats overseas. These taxes may come in the form of capital gains tax, income tax or alike, and could be significant at times.

At Fortuna, our team has years of experience in both Australian and international tax matters. We keep updated with the requirements of overseas regulatory bodies & understand ATO requirements. This way, we can act as your trusted advisers beyond borders.

How we help with international tax

  • Foreign-owned businesses entering Australia

We enable you to make use of legally robust and tax-effective methods to establish new investments in Australia. Our experienced team of international-tax advisers guide you on available tax options and appropriate business structures that would be best suited to your multinational company for operations on-shore. We also advise on transfer pricing, systems and procedures; and work together with the mother entity to provide information and reporting as necessary.

  • Established international businesses

At Fortuna, we provide detailed tax planning considerations and advise on issues ranging from reviewing business structures for Australian operations, risk management, beneficial holding company jurisdictions and even recommendations on whether to set up a regional hub or not.

  • Australian businesses expanding internationally

To thrive, Australian entities need to adapt to local, regional and national factors of countries on their growth radar. We facilitate your global growth strategy by providing an in-depth analysis that helps determine what corporate structure would be best, where intellectual property should be located and how global supply chains should be configured to achieve tax efficiency. We also help with all-around compliance and reporting.

Our international Tax advice services are targeted towards inpatriate/expatriates, small & mid-sized Australian companies and multinational organisations looking to expand globally or targeting the Australian market.


Our services include:

  • Liaising with the ATO
  • Tax and business advisory
  • Establishing a business overseas
  • Establishing a business in Australia
  • Thin capitalisation rules
  • Issues of permanent establishments
  • Inpat/expat tax-effective salary arrangements
  • Applications of GST to international arrangements
  • Inbound/outbound business structuring implications
  • Tax planning & solutions relating to the location of operations
  • Withholding tax obligations on payments made to non-residents
  • International tax treaties and solutions for double taxation matters
  • Company formation in Australia, with domestic and international tax structuring


If you are an Expat, planning to expand your business overseas, or based overseas and entering the Australian market, contact one of our advisors to find out more about how we could help you today.