Strategic Financial Planning Perth

A strategic plan is created when we analyse your finances today and compare it to where you want to be tomorrow. A strategic plan details the step by step process you need to take to reach your goals and describes how you will manage your finances on a weekly, monthly and annual basis to ensure you achieve those wealth objectives.

There’s no need to wait until you have some savings before you work on your strategic plan. The best time to start planning is right now, whether you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your finances or you have a whole suite of investments.  Indeed, if you are starting out, we can help you to prioritise your goals. Similarly, if you’ve lost sight of the big picture, our advisors can help you to see everything more clearly.

The strategic plan we design is completely tailored to you and your goals. At Fortuna, we are committed to your success. However, success looks entirely different for each client, so we must get to know you. Through meetings and various interactions, we build a relationship and become your financial partner helping you with all aspects of your wealth management activities.

Trust is a critical element of how we operate at Fortuna. It must be present for you to have confidence in our work and we value your freedom to choose.

As part of the planning process, we take into consideration your lifestyle, income, family, plans and of course, your attitude towards risk. We assess what you’re comfortable with to thereby create a bespoke strategic plan.

We build up a picture of your financial situation in the present and using intuitive software’s; we can take a glance into your future financial position. We incorporate the elements of your plan into our processes and illustrate how your actions today, tomorrow and next year will impact your wealth in the future.

To find out more about our strategic financial planning service, contact us today.