The world has had an enormous shift from what it was a decade ago to what it had set for itself to be; and yet in the rat race, this desire of human civilization seems to be ever growing and insatiable.  Be it in the world of technology or commerce; business or society, the pace of development is quite certainly leaving the human civilization behind. Does it scare you of becoming obsolete? Or are you one of those, who constantly strive to keep up with the changing times?

The irony of material development, especially over the last 10 years has largely contributed toward diminishing the value and relevance of ‘peace’ in people’s lives… so much so because they are obsessed with running the race in fear of becoming obsolete and falling behind others; while also not being able to escape the fact that what they are catching up with today after substantial effort is becoming obsolete at the most within a month or two. Is it then really called for that one let go of his personal happiness to catch up with such mirage?

It is times like these that innovations come into being; not another innovation to add on to people’s woes but an innovation that is aimed at returning back to people the true value of living a peaceful life, stress-free and without the fear of falling short of others. In the commercial world, this may happen through pooling of specialized knowledge and expertise of people in their relevant domains.

It’s like when one desires to start a business; he should theoretically have legal advice, investment advice, accounting advice, administrative advice and so on; and each of these from people who constantly upgrade their skills in their respective fields. As a new start-up business, one would rather go to someone who is an expert in his field than someone who advises broadly about everything. This would not only save time but also leave the start-ups with a mental peace that they’re getting customized advice on what they need to know in their specific situations. But, then again one has to keep searching for experts in their relevant fields, which in turn takes up his time anyway. He would rather utilise this time to educate himself over material available from internet, and truly enough most start-ups eventually land up doing this. However, most of the materials they get are either outdated or generic, in a similar fashion as that of everything else, often leading to problems in the longer run.  The need of the hour is thus, to have a one stop shop for each aspect of human life, for instance one for all monetary needs, one for all shopping needs, one for all physical development needs etc.

Fortuna Accountants and Business Advisors is a result of this innovation. Constantly upgrading its skills and knowledge, the team attempts to provide a one stop platform for all financial needs, especially if you want to start-up, in turn giving you back some of the peace that you were always meant to have.  This group of WA based accountants with offices in Joondalup and West Perth try to provide a one stop platform for businesses stating, operating and exiting business in Australia. The company through its various support and services, attempts to abide by its motto of ‘Partnering Successes, Building Relationships’. It’s an organization that specializes in its field, constantly upgrades itself and holds your hand through the entire journey of how to start up and ensure a feasible growth. This is done through providing customized solutions by bringing together experts from all relevant fields under one roof – a one stop platform aimed at taking the big headache off your shoulder. No matter, how small you think your business is, remember without you, there would be one less business in Australia.

Start-up businesses, don’t hesitate to call up Fortuna. It’s worth a shot catching up for coffee with a partner in your journey to success. Ph: 9240 4211 (Mon – Fri 8.30 am – 5.00 pm).