With more than 3000 attendees from across 19 countries, Xerocon 2017 was a mega success. Fortuna, as one of Xero’s Silver partners attended the event and took a joint step towards bracing what the world is referring to as the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’.

Xerocon was a true reflection of what the organisation stands for – an exhibition of knowledge, artificial intelligence, real-life experiences and loads of celebration. Fortuna’s decision to walk the walk with Xero is founded on the common belief of creating value for clients – be it SMEs or sole proprietors or perhaps individuals with rental schedules.

To further this approach, Fortuna is at the verge of introducing a ground breaking application for small business owners – an application that will provide not only analysis of historical data but also forward-information such as forecasting that will help in making far more informed decisions; and at a cost which is practically 1/10th of what an accountant would ideally charge.

While finalising the project, Dinesh Aggarwal, our MD said “At a time when WA economy is going through a slow phase, this technology will help businesses bolster their decisions-making process… up until now, small businesses couldn’t really afford to have a CFO to guide them; but it is time, we can transform them into becoming their own CFOs”.

Fortuna’s application should be launched in a few weeks from now and clients on Xero and InTuit will expectedly have an edge as it seamlessly syncs with these. If you’d like to jump on our beta program, please don’t hesitate to contact melvyn@fortunaadvisors.com.au or call us at 08 9240 4211.