The National Cyber Security Alliance website – ‘Stay Safe Online’ has issued a high alert concerning a bogus myGov email. The email promises taxpayers a tax refund but instead is being used to steal financial and personal information.

The email has the subject line, ‘Important information regarding your account’, has the myGov logo and claims to be from the myGov team. The form continues to ask for the following information:

Your: Name

         : Contact details

         : myGov password

         : Credit card number

After supplying the information however you are automatically redirected to the myGov page and by then the damage has been done and the scammer will have your information.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission disclosed that almost $2.4 million worth of scams were reported to the tax office in 2017 and Assistant Commissioner Kath Anderson mentioning that 37 000 scams were brought to the attention of the ATO during the same period.

Given these staggering figures, the ATO has advised taxpayers who have a myGov account that is linked to the ATO to communicate through their myGov inbox and to get in touch with their tax agents for any tax-related advice. Learn how you can protect your information from scammers here

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