Estate Planning Perth

Estate Planning provides you with peace of mind. It allows you to choose how your precious and hard earned assets will be distributed among those you care about.  This is not just a consideration for those with substantial wealth and established business, everyone should have an estate plan regardless of age or stage in life.


Furthermore, jointly held assets and superannuation may not be covered by a Will. For this reason It’s important to set up a comprehensive estate plan to ensure all assets are transferred according to your wishes in the most effective and efficient manner.


Our Fortuna advisors take the time to understand how you’d like your wealth distributed. We then provide advice on how to document your wishes, minimise tax implications and prepare future generations to receive that wealth. We stay with you for life to ensure you receive holistic tax and business advice.


Things you must do as part of estate planning

  • Choose someone to act as Power of Attorney
  • Make a list of your assets
  • Ensure your superannuation is in order
  • Make a will
  • Create a file for all important documentation
  • Ensure all your tax records are up to date


Our Estate Planning service includes

  • Maximising the estate value
  • Drawing up a last will and testament
  • Superannuation management
  • Powers of Attorney appointment
  • Asset protection advice
  • Advice on how to divide the estate efficiently and timeously to the beneficiaries
  • Transferring the ownership of the assets


Contact Fortuna for Estate Planning advice which will provide great peace of mind from today.